WWF hails Cambodia’s efforts to protect biodiversity by law

While there is a significant decline in biodiversity and forest resources around the world, Cambodia’s biodiversity resources are protected by law, said Seng Teak, national director of WWF-Cambodia, reacting to an event of tree planting organized yesterday in Siem Reap.

Almost 42% of the country’s land area is protected under Cambodian law.

“Cambodia is one of the 10 countries in the world with the largest forest area for the conservation and legal management of natural resources. Therefore, we should applaud the achievements that Cambodia has pledged to protect and manage clearly,” he said.

He added, however, that there are still problems to be solved in Cambodia, such as deforestation, wildlife trapping, illegal use of fishing gear and other threats to various communities. Climate change, global warming, droughts, floods and wildfires also pose challenges to biodiversity.

“However, please continue your efforts to effectively protect the law-managed area,” he added.

Yesterday, a tree planting event was held at Jayavarman-Norodom Phnom Kulen National Park in Siem Reap under the chairmanship of Say Samal, Minister of Environment.

The event was a continuation of the International Day for Biodiversity, which falls on May 22 each year. This year, the world celebrated Biodiversity Day under the theme “Building a common future for all”.

The International Day for Biodiversity is celebrated every year under different themes to promote the management and conservation of biodiversity, as well as to raise public awareness of the value of biodiversity and ecosystems.

While talking about the importance of the protected area located in Jayavarman-Norodom National Park, Samal said that this national park is not only a place of wildlife and forest conservation but also an important source of water that contributes to reducing climate change.

“The area is linked to conservation and development, as well as ecotourism, which is an important goal to create an economic base to provide income and employment to the community here. The Ministry of Environment has established the Sok An Phnom Kulen Orchid Research and Conservation Center,” he said.

Neth Pheaktra, spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, told the Khmer Times that Jayavarman-Norodom Phnom Kulen National Park is an area rich in natural forests and biodiversity.

He said that it is the legacy of cultural heritage and natural resources left for a long time, a great and priceless heritage for the benefit of the Cambodian people throughout the country and the people who have lived on the land through the different living conditions, including income from tourism services.

However, the Ministry of Environment urged the protection and conservation of local tree species to attract domestic and international tourists to enhance the beauty and scenery in the streets.

The ministry has also promoted education, publicity and public awareness of local plants with biodiversity value, which aims to improve the livelihoods of local communities, as well as improve biodiversity management and conservation. in Cambodia to increase public understanding of the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services.