Welcome to the New EIC — Virginia Law Weekly

Dana Lake ’23
Chief Editor

Like becoming the bearer of a cursed amulet, one does not choose to become the editor of the The Law Weekly. It’s something that happens to you. One moment you’re an enthusiastic 1L, eating pizza and writing funny articles with your friends – the next moment you’re somehow in charge of a law school tradition that will be 75 years old under your mandate. There’s a bank account you suddenly have the credentials to, a pizza you need to order, and there are emails. There’s just an incredible amount of email.

It’s not all bad, as long as you’re in the idea of ​​unlimited power. The EIC is also Chief Justice of the nation’s most powerful court: the Court of Petty Appeals. There will be no coalition formation during my term – you have before you a pure and unadulterated dictatorship, where the 1Ls have no rights and the administration is always wrong.

I’m lucky to inherit the hammer from Phil Tonseth ’22, who made the mistake of telling me that I can still ask him for help even after he graduates. This letter serves as written notice that I will accept this offer – keep your phone on.

I’m even luckier to be able to continue working with the crackerjack team of writers and critics who make the Weekly entitlement possible. If not for the staff editors attending events with free food, listening to hot gossip, and sharing personal anecdotes, we would have no idea what was going on here. Who would sue student affairs for even the smallest of inconveniences? Who would record even the most obscure quotes from professors? I ask you, dear reader, who would keep track of ANG? There is no group of people I would prefer to vigorously avoid eye contact with me during article assignments.

Joining me on the Editorial Board is Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Morse ’24, Editors Jon Peterson ’23 and Monica Sandu ’24, Editor-in-Chief Sai Kulkarni ’23 and Editor-in-Chief Anna Bninski ’23. Some have called it the greatest collection of talent ever assembled by a law school newspaper, but I’ll just say that I look forward to working with good friends for another year.

It’s all that is emotional. Don’t expect this too often – I’ve worked in publishing long enough to know that you need to cover your weak spots. Before law school, I was an editor in a publishing department specializing in non-fiction books, and I made the mistake of leaking my InDesign background to my PA and former EIC Christina” Tuna” Luke ’21. My fate was sealed from there. On an unrelated note, if any of you know of an incoming 1L who’s ever heard of InDesign, send me his number ASAP so I can poach him over Admissions Weekend. A reward can be arranged.

My goals for this next year are quite simple. I want to continue the collegial vibe and quirky articles that Phil was encouraging. i want to keep it Weekly entitlement going bankrupt so I’ll have something to pass on when I graduate. I want to encourage more women to join the journal and share their views. I want Dominos to continue serving our meetings (Domino’s: the pizza delivery experts). More than anything, I want to contribute to the organization that has made law school so much fun for me.

the Weekly entitlement still recruiting. If you’re looking for a creative outlet, if you’re passionate about a subject and want to share it, or if you’re just looking for an easy-going group to hang out with once a week, come check us out. We’re at Slaughter 274 on Mondays at 5:30.

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