Uttar Pradesh: Rs 5.10 crore land of Mukhtar Ansari’s brothers-in-law attached to Ghazipur | Varanasi News

VARANASI: Continuing the move to strike at the economic empire of imprisoned mafia don Mukhtar Ansari, his family and members of the Ghazipur administration and police gang on Wednesday seized land registered in the name of his in-laws brothers in the region of Babedi.
Varanasi Zonal ADG Ram Kumar said that the cost of adjoining land was estimated by Ghazipur Police to be Rs 5.10 crores. “With this, the total financial losses caused to the economic empire of the Mukhtar gang under the continuous action of the police reached around Rs 500 crore in the area,” he added.
According to the police, prompted by the detection of properties created with illegal income by Mukhtar’s relatives and gang members, another property was detected in the Babedi area. When revenue records were checked, officials found that 0.3134 hectares of commercial land in the Babedi area was registered in the names of Mukhtar’s brothers-in-law, including Anwar Shehjad and Sharjil Raja.
After the completion of legal formalities under the Gangsters Act, District Magistrate Ghazipur MP Singh issued an order for his seizure. To execute the same order, a joint team of district administration and police reached Babedi area and seized the property. With it, the financial losses in the action of seizure of movable and immovable property and demolition of buildings reached up to Rs 109 crores in Ghazipur district alone, which houses Mukhtar’s parental house housed in Banda prison .
Prior to this, land in the name of Mukhtar’s mother was also seized by Ghazipur officials on April 10. Two major actions followed against Mukhtar Ganesh’s close aide Dutt Mishra and his sniper Anuj Kanojia in Mau district on April 11 when the boundary walls created after plotting on a five-acre plot of a worth Rs 60 crores by Mishra in Bhujauti area was abducted while a house built by Kanojia with illegally earned money from government pond land was also demolished on the police report of ‘Azamgarh.
Apart from bulldozing buildings, seizing movable and immovable property, the police also targeted this gang’s illegal income earned through extortion and fish trading, seizing contracts with PWD and other government departments during of the last two years.