Tropical Weather 2022 Update: Agatha Near Category 3 Hurricane, No Impact Expected For Texas

May 30
Hurricane Agatha is now a high-end Category 2 hurricane with peak winds of 110 mph moving northeast at 6 mph.

After making landfall it will weaken, but Agatha’s remnants may reappear in the gulf and could end up being a soaker for parts of Florida as we head into next weekend. We won’t see any impact here in Texas.

May 29
Agatha is now a hurricane with winds of 110 mph, expected to make landfall in Mexico on Monday. Land interaction will weaken the storm, but we are monitoring potential redevelopment in the Bay of Campeche and the Western Caribbean, with a 30% chance of development over the next 5 days.

If the storm were to lose circulation and redevelop in the Gulf or Caribbean, it would be renamed Tropical Storm Alex. Regardless of any name changes or developments, high pressure across Texas will direct the storm well east of us, but it could bring torrential rains to Florida and the Bahamas.

May 28
Tropical Storm Agatha formed in the eastern Pacific with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. It is currently moving WNW at 5 mph, but is expected to turn northeast toward Mexico. A hurricane watch has been issued for the southern coast of Mexico from Salina Cruz to Punta Maldonado.

Although we don’t usually pay much attention to Pacific storms, it is possible that Agatha will move through Mexico and strengthen in the Bay of Campeche / Southern Gulf of Mexico. If that happened, it would then become our first Atlantic storm of the season and be renamed “Alex”.

Whatever its name, we do not expect any impact from this storm in southeast Texas.

May 27
A cluster of storms in the eastern Pacific remains an area of ​​interest, with an 80% chance of developing over the next 48 hours. Although storms in the Pacific are not generally of interest to us, this storm and the moisture and energy associated with it could move through Mexico and possibly lead to some development in the Atlantic Basic.

At this time, we are highlighting a potential area for development in the first week of June for the Western Caribbean and the Bay of Campeche. Models showed no impact on Houston from this potential system, so it remains just an area to watch, not a cause for concern.

May 26
While tropical development remains unlikely over the next 5 days in the Atlantic Basin, we are seeing an eastern Pacific storm that will likely become the first named storm of the Pacific hurricane season. We are considering the possibility that this storm (or the energy associated with this storm) moves through Mexico/Central America and brings potential development in the Bay or Campeche or the western Caribbean.

Currently, we have moderate confidence in tropical development in an area near Mexico and Central America between June 1-7, but there are no immediate or imminent concerns. Just an area we will be watching, one of many to come during hurricane season.

May 25
The tropics remain calm with no development expected over the next 5 days.

May 23
The tropics remain calm with no development expected over the next 5 days.

May 22

Southeast Texas

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Montgomery/Walker/San Jacinto/Polk/Grimes Counties
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