‘The Spirits Still Move Them’ Wins Documentary Category at Reedy Reels Film Festival

“The spirits continue to move them” won the award in the Documentary category at the Reedy Reels Film Festival 2022.

Produced and directed by David Weintraub, the documentary tells the story of Southern Appalachians moonshine production through interviews with nearly 36 moonshiners and their families.

“Unlike moonshine movies past, ‘Spirits’ dispels the idea that all moonshiners were violent, lazy, drunken criminals hiding in the woods with long beards and longer arrest records,” Weintraub said. “Instead, it took an incredible level of creativity, intelligence, wit and tenacity to live in this area before WalMart and smartphones. People had to know how to build things and make a living off of it. the earth. This is what the judges of the festival and thousands of spectators have appreciated since the film’s release.

The festival also featured awards in various other categories, including:

  • “Sophia” by Emily Porter – Student Film
  • “Straight to Video” by Prosser Heroman – South Carolina Film
  • “Alpenglow” by Austin Leih Productions – Feature Film
  • “Figs For Italo” by Bob Celli – Short film
  • “John Henry” by David Donar – Animated
  • “Home Invasion” by Carl Clark and Demitra Papadinis – Comedy
  • “Myles Berrio – From Survival to Prosper” by Anil Dhokai – Inspirational Documentary
  • “1301” by Corey Maher and Collins Abbott White – People’s Choice

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