The human mosaic publicizes the right for future well-being

On Saturday afternoon, 2,000 people filled Plaça Major de Palma and created a human mosaic in support of the “today for tomorrow” campaign led by the environmental organization GOB.

The capacity of the square was 2,000 seats. Some people were therefore unable to participate in an event which, according to GOB President Amadeu Corbera, was intended to draw attention to “the immense challenge ahead”. It was also to support the petition for a popular legislative initiative that GOB has filed with the Balearic Parliament. If enough signatures (7,500) are collected before the June 23 deadline, the petition will be considered by parliament.

The initiative concerns a law for the well-being of future generations. For it to be on the parliamentary agenda, it would need the support of political parties. On the Plaça Major on Saturday were representatives of Més and Podemos.

Corbera recalled the 1977 campaign to spare the island of Dragonera of development. It was one of the first major protests in which the GOB, formed in 1973, had been involved. He referred to other campaigns, such as the prevention of construction near Es Trenc beach. But now, he observed, “things are getting complicated, and that’s where the real future lies.”

He said the “huge challenge” includes climate change, excessive tourism, pollution from cruise ships and planes, airport expansion, and degradation of the landscape and people’s quality of life. “We have to say enough!”

“We are the heirs of a generation that imagined different islands. And we are responsible for making future generations our heirs – our children and grandchildren who can live in one best land.”