‘Succession’ May Dominate Emmys’ Supporting Actors Category – But Could It Hurt Them?

The slugfest for first place at “Succession’s” Waystar Royco has always been a bloodbath in the making. But the HBO drama series’ return could turn the supporting actor in an Emmys drama category into an equally deadly match.

Once again, the show’s stacked ensemble is certain to produce several acting nominees for its third season, with Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Nicholas Braun and Alan Ruck all being pushed as supporting acts by HBO.

If the first three nominations land, it will be a repeat of 2020, when the show was last eligible.

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But in this race, the wealth of new “Succession” nominees likely split the vote, paving the way for victory for “The Morning Show’s” Billy Crudup. But it’s not 2020. This year, the heat of ‘The Morning Show’ has cooled considerably as ‘Succession’ emerges from a barn-burner of a finale, featuring powerful moves from all four actors. , some more successful than others.

Is it realistic to think all four can make the cut, and would any of them actually stand a chance if the ballot looks like a Roy family reunion? Maybe, but it will mean presenting an undeniable candidate to voters to prevent the series from cannibalizing itself.

Luckily for “Succession,” cast additions Alexander Skarsgård and Adrien Brody were introduced as guest actors, avoiding even more supporting actor competition.

Of the supporting four stars, Culkin is the safest lock for a nomination and the current favorite for the win. He’s just wrapped up a season that put Roman Roy squarely at its center, only to decimate his painstakingly choreographed path to the corporate throne. He had, by far, the most to do in the third season, driven by desperation as the character’s repeated misjudgments led his father, Logan (Brian Cox), to ice him out of the inner circle.

Whether it’s inadvertently exposing his sexual dynamic with Gerri (J. Smith Cameron), erasing the last shreds of dignity from his brother Kendall (Jeremy Strong), or falling apart in the wake of the The Roy children’s coup attempt against their father, Roman has never been more vulnerable and, in turn, Culkin has never been so good.

Macfadyen is also a solid bet after Tom Wambsgans shrewdly lined up with his stepfather, Logan, and blindsided his wife, Shiv (Sarah Snook), at the eleventh hour.

Braun is a favorite among the top-notch ensemble as Cousin Greg and although Greg has taken up more room at the back this season, it would be surprising if he didn’t land a ballot.

The bigger question is whether Ruck can score his first Connor nomination as “I’m the Oldest Son!” Roy, who has never been as central as his power-hungry siblings. But now that he’s requested a seat at the table, Ruck has been handed his best scenes yet.

Whichever combination of “Succession” stars makes the cut, they’ll have to fend off a healthy supply of new and returning challengers. Netflix and “Squid Game” have already proven they can handle “Succession” at the SAG Awards, and O Yeong-su could represent their strength in this category.

Apple TV+’s freshman hit “Severance” might also include John Turturro in the mix.

Then there’s the return of AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’, which means Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito are also strong possibilities – and never count out Crudup, who remains ‘The Morning’s most consistent player. Show”.

As of now, “Succession” is poised for victory in multiple categories, both drama and lead actor among them. But if he wants that statue of support, he has to defend an irrefutable candidate and, in this case, it is probably better to bet on the rise of Roman Roy. Of the supporting four stars, Culkin is the safest lock for a nomination and the current favorite for the win.

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