Strange divorce law banned this Australian from leaving Israel for almost 8,000 years

Due to a divorce case filed by his wife in an Israeli court, an Australian was banned from leaving the country until December 31, 9999, under an absurd law. The Israeli court issued a “stay of release” order against Noam Huppert (44) in 2013 after his wife filed for a divorce against him. According to the court order, Noam is required to pay child support until his two children are 18 years old. The order also stated that Noam had “future debt” and was to pay 5,000 Israeli shekels per month.

According to a report, Noam, who moved to Israel in 2012 and works as an analytical chemist for a pharmaceutical company, has been stranded in the country since the 2013 court ruling which banned him from leaving for some reason. whether it be. Apparently his total debt for 2013 was around $ 3.34 million or Rs 18.19 crore.

According to reports, Noam claimed that he was not the only one, but thousands of foreign men like him fell victim to the draconian law. After his ex-wife returned to Israel with their children, Noam also moved to be closer to his children. However, once the case was brought to court, Noam was unable to leave.

Noam added that Australian citizens have been “persecuted by the Israeli justice system” simply for marrying Israeli women.

According to freelance British journalist Mariane Azizi, who also appeared in the 2019 documentary film No Exit Order, many men suffered from the law because the subject was considered taboo.

Documentary director Sorin Luca further described that the ordinance can put a man in jail for up to 21 days and also requires paying even 100 percent of his income. Requiring child support, the woman can even impose a travel ban on her husband preventing him from leaving the country, he added.

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