Staff of the Dutch Embassy in Ukraine moves to Poland

The Dutch government has moved its embassy staff out of Ukraine amid Russia’s military assault on its neighbour.

The Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday morning that Ambassador Jennes de Mol and his team, who had already moved from Kyiv to Lviv before the Russian invasion, would move to Jaroslaw, Poland.

The ministry said the diplomatic post that helps Dutch citizens wishing to leave Ukraine has been moved out of the country due to the deteriorating security situation in Lviv.

___ Istanbul: A hundred demonstrators gathered in Ankara, the Turkish capital, to demonstrate against the Russian invasion. Ukrainians living in Turkey, including children, as well as Turks joined the protest, waving Ukrainian flags and banners reading “Putin, get out of Ukraine”. Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, was also present at the protest and said the war was a “genocide against the Ukrainian people”, according to Turkish news agencies.

Separately, Turkey has started to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine by land. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said about 20,000 Turks live in Ukraine and 5,000 have already returned.

___ London: Britain says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was slowed by strong Ukrainian resistance.

Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said the fighting in the capital, Kyiv, had so far been confined to “very isolated pockets of Russian special forces and paratroopers”. He said that “the main armored columns approaching Kiev are still a long way off”. He said: “It looks like the Russian plan is far from going as planned. I think this will be of great concern to President Putin and rather underscores the fact that there was a lot of hubris in the Russian plan and could be terribly advisable.

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