SEEUS95 Nominated in Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards HEALTH Category | News

The winners of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced today, honoring clean technologies, innovative business initiatives, brave new designs for cities and buildings, and other creative works that support the growth of positive social innovation, the fight against social inequalities, climate change, and public health crises.

NEW YORK, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Design Justice, when Good Design helps the underserved and the planet.

SEEUS95 change the future of face masks so they don’t pollute the environment, include the underserved deaf and hard of hearing, and give people back their humanity by redesigning faces. The SEEUS95 transparent respirator is a radical alternative to face masks. It’s reusable transparent soft silicone and it adheres to your face so you can even wear it without a headband or earrings! The face mask hasn’t changed in 100 years and we aim to revolutionize the face mask industry with superhero transparency and design.

Originally invented in a kitchen during the 2020 pandemic lockdown in manhattan. After struggling to develop the design during the pandemic industry challenges, the Korean founder and CEO Alice Min Soo Chun invented and mass-produced and delivered the transparent SEEUS95 mask to thousands of Kickstarters who supported their campaign. We believe GOOD Design should protect and celebrate our faces. This is innovation at its best by problematizing the solution instead of looking for a solution to a problem. We’ve seen injustices happen with masks, starting with catastrophic waste with 129 BILLION masks thrown into landfills each year. Most N95 masks are made from polypropylene which lasts over 450 years in the oceans. Our faces, our emotions and our smiles matter.

A panel of prominent Fast Company editors and journalists selected winners and runners-up from more than 2,997 entries.

“We believe that the future of health and quality patient care has long been overlooked when it comes to nurturing a human connection between doctors and patients. Studies show that 90% of patients have feeling better cared for by their doctor when they can see their face.”

“We are constantly inspired by the novelty and creativity that people apply to solve some of our society’s most pressing issues, from housing to the climate crisis. Fast Company relishes its role in amplifying important and innovative work to meet great challenges,” says David Lidsky, acting editor of Fast Company. “Our journalists have identified some of the most ingenious initiatives to launch since the start of 2021, which we hope will both have a significant impact and inspire others to join the solution.”

About the World Changing Ideas Awards: World Changing Ideas is one of Fast Company’s premier annual awards programs and focuses on social good, seeking to elevate end products and courageous concepts that make the world a better place. A panel of judges from all sectors select winners, runners-up and honorable mentions based on feasibility and potential for impact. With the goal of rewarding ingenuity and fostering innovation, Fast Company draws attention to ideas with great potential and helps them expand their reach to inspire more people to start working on solving the problems that confront us. affect all.

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