Russia places investigative journalist on wanted list

Investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, known for his coverage of Russian security agencies, said Monday that Russian authorities had placed him on a wanted list and frozen his bank accounts. Soldatov, who co-founded the website, wrote on Twitter: “My Monday: My accounts in Russian banks are under arrest, plus I’m on Russia’s wanted list .”

The Interior Ministry website listed Soldatov, unreachable by phone, as wanted under an unspecified article of the criminal code. In a separate post on the Telegram messaging platform, Soldatov wrote that the case against him was filed in a manner similar to that of two journalists accused of spreading “false information” about Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine.

“We are clarifying the details,” Soldatov wrote. Days after sending troops to Ukraine on February 24, Russia passed a law providing for prison sentences of up to 15 years for those found guilty of intentionally spreading ‘false’ information about the military Russian.

Moscow says its “special military operation” is designed to defuse a threat to Ukraine’s security and protect its Russian speakers from persecution. Ukraine and Western countries have dismissed these claims as baseless pretexts for a land grab that has killed thousands, razed cities and displaced 14 million people.

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