Road stunt lands six in police net in Greater Noida

Greater Noida Police arrested six people on Friday for allegedly performing dangerous road stunts in a car, officials said.

Police also seized the car used for the stunts, alleged videos of which have surfaced on social media, sparking debates over traffic safety, officials said.

”Videos of the episode surfaced on social media on Thursday. Upon learning of this, a team from the local Knowledge Park Police Station launched an investigation and identified everyone involved,’ a police spokesperson said.

“The six people including the owner of the car were arrested on Friday and the hatchback car registered in Noida was also seized,” the spokesperson said.

Police identified those arrested as Kushgra, Prashant, Himanshu, Sumit, Kunal and Tanishq – all within 20 seconds.

Separately, officials from the Knowledge Park Police Station on Friday arrested a person for performing dangerous stunts on a road outside a college earlier this week, police said.

Defendant Anand Kumar, who lives in Delhi, was arrested and his car was also seized, police said.

On July 23, Kumar was performing stunts on his car on a road near a girl’s hostel and a boy’s hostel. He also swore at someone who objected to his reckless driving, police said.

Two other vehicles involved in road stunts with Kumar on July 23 had already been impounded and action taken against their drivers, they said.

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