Review of Annulment Rates by Area of ​​Civil Law for the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Districts, 2010-2019 – Constitutional and Administrative Law

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Today, we complete our journey through inversion rates for Court of Appeals districts, divided by civil law areas. For this final article, we take a look at the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Districts for the years 2010 through 2019.

The overall reversal rate for these districts is 100% in social law, real estate law, contract law, arbitration and securities law. Three-quarters of tax rulings have been reversed. The rate was two-thirds in workers’ compensation and secured transactions cases and 62.5% in constitutional decisions. The cancellation rate for tort cases was 61.1%. Half of all decisions have been overturned in matters of wills and inheritance, civil procedure, insurance, commercial law and electoral law. The cancellation rate for government and administrative cases and family relations cases was 33.3%. The cancellation rate for environmental law was 0%.

The fourth and fifth districts had 100% annulment rates under constitutional law. The rate for the second district was 50% and the rate for the third district was zero. The Fifth District tort case void rate was 100%. The rate for the third district was 80%. The rate for the Fourth was 66.7%. Only 16.7% of Second District tort decisions were overturned. Cancellation rates for civil litigation cases were everywhere – 100% for the Third District, 75% for the Second, 50% for the Fifth District and zero for the Fourth. For insurance law cases, the third district’s cancellation rate was 100%. The rate for the fourth and fifth districts was 50% and the rate for the second district was zero. For governmental and administrative law cases, annulment rates were uniformly low: 44.4% in the fourth arrondissement, 33.3% for the second, 25% for the third and 20% for the fifth. For domestic relations cases, the annulment rate for Second District cases was 50%. The rate for the Third District was 33.3% and the rate for the Fourth District cases was 20%.


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