Rajasthan: Need for Land Conversion May Hold Back Guest House Policy | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: The tourism department has prepared a draft 6 to 20 bedroom guesthouse program to increase the number of affordable accommodation for tourists and allay stakeholder concerns that there is no not viable to run paid guesthouses up to 5 rooms in a professional manner, as they have to pay for electricity, water and other charges at commercial rates.
The tourism department has circulated the draft outline to UDH and LSG for their comments, particularly if there is a need for guesthouses to convert the land to commercial use.
Surendra Singh Shahpura, a hotelier, said that in Master Plan-2023, a guesthouse is a permitted activity in a residential area while in Model Building Bylaws-2020, the guesthouse has been classified as a commercial activity.
“When a guesthouse is allowed in a residential area in the master plan, then why is it considered a commercial activity in the model building regulations. This means that a guesthouse is treated the same as a hotel and no distinction has been made between the two. If someone had to pay the conversion fee and go through the whole process, then why would anyone build a guesthouse? He can build a full-fledged hotel and enjoy all the facilities such as a bar etc. Shahpura said.
The industry wants the model building regulations to be changed and that the guesthouse of up to 20 rooms be allowed in the residential area so that guesthouses can be opened without land conversion in the residential area. .
Regarding the proposal that a dwelling house with a minimum area of ​​500 square meters located on a road at least 60 feet wide will be eligible, Shahpura has again stated that this is not in phase. with the master plan-2023.
“The size of the land and the width of the road must conform to the parameters of the residential area. Since the facility is used for public purposes, no matter how small, it is understandable that electricity and water charges are collected at commercial rates. But when you talk about families providing reception services to clients, it’s basically a residential activity, ”added Shahpura.
In the building amended by the laws of 2011, permits for guesthouses in residential areas were granted by UDH and there was no ceiling on rooms. The industry said these guesthouses should also be automatically registered under the current policy as they were already approved by the relevant authorities.
In the draft scheme, the tourism department also said that it has been observed that many PG houses after getting approval add more rooms to make it viable but do not disclose the same. By allowing more rooms, you’ll help them do their business seamlessly. However, the PG regime up to 5 rooms in residential houses already in place will not be affected by the guesthouse regime.