Prosecution halted in 250 ‘Category A’ war crimes investigations

“We plan to provide the names of all the people to a control body, once it is constituted, and we will submit it to the permanent commission for the efficiency of the prosecution. In case of questions or insistence, we will consult the Agency for the protection of personal data.

“As far as the Prosecution is concerned, we have absolutely no problem publishing the names. However, we must ensure that we do not violate the rights of concrete individuals through such actions,” he said.

According to the table, the prosecution is currently carrying out investigations against 93 people, while 57 are at the reporting stage.

He said that 62 files against 150 people in category “A” are being examined. These cases are considered priorities in accordance with the provisions of the Revised National Strategy on the Processing of War Crimes Cases and Annex B, as well as the mandatory instruction of the Chief Public Prosecutor.

The Prosecution also released a spreadsheet of Category “A” cases that were referred by the Prosecution to the Brcko District and Entity Prosecutions, covering 342 individuals.

The status of 135 of these individuals was resolved by ending investigations, while a decision was taken not to investigate four individuals.

According to the table, 155 people were convicted at second instance. There were 108 convictions, including one in Croatia, one for which the prosecution waived the indictment in the repeated proceedings and one denial of conviction. There have been 44 release verdicts, while in one case the decision is under review.

According to the spreadsheet, indictments were filed against 12 people, five of whom were returned to Serbia and four to Croatia. As noted, one person is unavailable, while the Court dropped charges against another person due to his death, and an indictment was confirmed in 2021.

Both paintings show nine people who died before their treatment.

Tahirovic expressed concern that the investigation was halted or not conducted at all against more than 300 people.

“That’s a large number out of a total of 814 people. Considering that the investigation against 307 people was either dropped or not conducted at all, this represents about 40% of the total number in the “A” category, which is somewhat worrying,” a- he declared.

For many years, the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and victims’ associations have been asking the public prosecutor’s office to publish data on prosecutions in these cases. In her progress report on “Improving the handling of war crimes at the state level in Bosnia and Herzegovina” by 2020, British judge Joanna Korner, former chief prosecutor of the ICTY, called on the chief prosecutor of the time, Gordana Tadic, to collect information, to share it. with the public and report regularly on progress.

Tahirovic said he first read the statistical data from the media, pointing out that the Association had requested the data from the Prosecution several times but had not received it.

“We don’t have commendable results, but it’s commendable that the prosecution has come up with concrete numbers,” he said.