Presidential candidates violated election law at NBA conference – Kingsley Wali

The head of the Unity House Foundation (UHF), a good governance and social justice advocacy group, Kingsley Wenenda Wali, chastised the presidential candidates for the 2023 elections present at the 2022 annual conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), for turning the venue of the event into a campaign ground, in violation of the Elections Act.

Wali, a jurist, said it was extremely appalling and nauseating to see people who seek to lead the country openly campaigning in such a gathering watched by the world, while the election arbiter did not whistle the whistle. start of election campaigns. , as required by the laws of the country.

Speaking in an interview, the UHF Convener revealed that the group is working to embark on a crusade for violence-free campaigns ahead of the 2023 general election.

His words: “Let me start by saying that the Unity House Foundation of which I am a member, from the second week of September, will embark on a campaign for an election campaign without violence in the campaigns and the elections proper. We intend to engage the public and the political class on the need to be civil, the need to focus on the issues, and the need for them to be law abiding as well. But I will not fail at this point to mention that I am a bit disappointed that those who intend to rule Nigeria started their campaign by breaking the laws of the land. A lawless man is unlikely to provide quality service to the people. If you don’t obey the laws of the land, I don’t know how to expect you to obey the law or you’re not going to bend the law or even remove the law of the land when you become President, Governor or other. The INEC did not lift the ban on campaigning based on the electoral law. The campaign ban will be lifted on September 28. But those who pose as leaders or those who want to rise to power to run Nigeria got off to a bad start by disobeying the laws of the land. I was very disgusted when I saw politicians blatantly violating electoral law by campaigning for votes at the annual general conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). It was as disgusting and as irritating and as despicable as you can imagine, that some people who are going to be the number one defender of the laws of the land if elected president are breaking the laws of the land by openly campaigning for votes very completely contrary to the law that governs the electoral process.

Continuing, he added: “It is an indication of the kind of characters who want to lead the country. If you cannot obey the laws of the land, how can I believe that you can hold the laws of this land in trust for the people of Nigeria. So those are the kinds of things that scare me. If you can’t obey the laws of the land and you say you want to be president and you started by flouting the laws and guidelines of the electoral process, why should I hand you power? And it wasn’t something that was done in an inconsequential rally, but such a platform where the international community watched and you saw people recklessly campaigning for votes while the campaign ban didn’t has not been lifted.

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