PDP, North Carolina Slam Land Conversion Settlement

A day after the administrative council headed by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha approved the revenue council-framed regulations for the conversion of farmland to non-farm use, two Kashmir-based mainstream parties have reacted strongly claiming that this decision was aimed at creating “demographic” changes. and “de-responsibilize” the inhabitants.

Under the new regulations, the District Collector was empowered to authorize the change of land use from agricultural to non-agricultural purposes in accordance with the procedure to be notified by the tax board.

Clearance must be granted within 30 days of filing the application with a provision of deemed approval if no decision is made. Powers were delegated to the District Collector to grant permission for land up to 12½ standard acres on a charge of 5% of the market value of the land notified under the Stamp Act.

Apparently, this decision has angered some valley politicians.

First, former Chief Minister and People’s Democratic Party leader Mehbooba Mufti said in her tweet that the move was aimed at bringing about demographic change by allowing foreigners to buy land from J&k.

Mehobooba tweeted, “The JK administration’s new policy allowing the conversion of farmland to non-farm use exposes their nefarious conceptions of demographic change engineering. The development program is a ruse. The latest regulation does not even require the 15-year domicile certificate as a prerequisite.

After depriving the locals of their rightful share of government jobs, such abrupt policy decisions that pave the way for outsiders to buy land from J&K are only made to further weaken the locals.”

On the other hand, National Conference Deputy Speaker and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah invoked the land of his grandfather, Sheikh Mohd Abdullah, for the tiller reforms while opposing them.

Omar tweeted: “Allowing farmland to be used for non-farm purposes is another nail in the coffin of ‘land to tiller’ reforms at J&K. This historic reform has been one of the main reasons for the low levels of poverty and it threatens the food security of the people of J&K.” Raising further concerns, Omar said that the fact that this land use conversion does not not even requiring the 15-year residency certificate as a prerequisite will also reignite fears about the motives behind such decisions.

Meanwhile, sharing the details of the settlement, a statement released by the Information and Public Relations Branch said: “The settlement allows the applicant to commence non-agricultural use on the licensed lands within one month. year from the date of the order issued by the District Collector on that behalf.

However, the land may only be diverted and used for the purposes specified in the authorization.

In addition, the regulations provide for an exemption from requesting authorization in the event of conversion for the construction of a dwelling house or buildings and warehouses linked to the farm with a ceiling of 400 m². meters (17 Marla).

The Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Sub-Divisional Magistrate and the relevant Tehsildar have been tasked with overseeing the implementation of these regulations within their respective areas of jurisdiction.

In addition, it will be the duty of every agricultural extension officer to report cases of violation to tax officials and any negligence in this regard may result in disciplinary action for dereliction of duty, the statement said.