Off-road vehicles | Land Management Office

Many and diverse off-road vehicle (ORV) recreation opportunities exist on public lands managed by BLM. Miles of trails and open spaces await all types of ORV enthusiasts. Please obey all signs regarding the management of public lands and roads.

Know where you are driving, respect private property, stay away from livestock, wildlife and their water sources. The BLM regulates the use of roads, trails, and lands under its jurisdiction to achieve specific land management objectives, protect resources, and ensure public safety.

All off-road vehicles must comply with state regulations and restrictions. Be sure to check your state laws before taking advantage of OHV routes on public lands.

ORV Best Practices

The following list of tips should help ORV users and other recreational enthusiasts appreciate and enjoy using public land.

  • ORV drivers must wear protective helmets.
  • Obey posted signs. Fenced areas delineate sensitive wildlife habitat and are “closed” to vehicle use. “Open” equestrian areas are also posted and pedestrians should be aware of their location.
  • All vehicles must be registered with the appropriate national agency, where applicable.
  • Motorcycles must be equipped with an approved spark arrester and muffler that meet state-regulated noise standards.
  • High flags on the vehicle are a best practice for visibility and safety.
  • Consult a tide book if operating on the coast.
  • Please respect private property.