New land conversion law must be transparent and IT savvy | Jaipur News

On Wednesday, the state cabinet repealed the disputed Section 90B of the Land Revenue Act of 1956 and gave the go-ahead to create a new set of sections under 90A. This will likely end the 90B controversy.
“Cabinet has authorized the Enabling Authority to establish the set of rules for Section 90A. Now, the Department of Urban Development Authority (UDH) can create provisions that will replace Section 90B and enable the rapid adoption of land conversion laws,” said PK Deb, Supplementary. Chief Secretary, UDH.
“With new rules, land conversion will become more transparent and fair. The city will also benefit from better planning and we hope people will follow due process and contribute to systematic urban development,” he added.
The newly drafted rules will be tabled in the state assembly to be made into law. Since the Land Revenue Act is part of the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution, it will also need to be approved by the Union Government.
Sources revealed that the new arrangements being drafted are based on sectoral development to ensure organized growth of the city. “Section 90B has many flaws and does not go along with the master plan, so it needs to be replaced by other regulations,” sources said.
The department is keen to ensure that the new law is easy to understand and more computer-friendly. “Our aim is that a person does not need to go door to door for land conversion and can apply from home. There will be one application and the processing fee can be paid online. All available plots will be put in the public domain so that they can know in advance what land is available for land conversion,” an official said.
However, the applicant will have to take other approvals like building permit, fire sign, etc. with the departments concerned.
How section 90A is different from section 90 B
The provision of Section 90B states that anyone wishing to convert the land may apply to the JDA. With few or no changes, the JDA will approve the proposal and after paying a fee, a person can convert the land for the desired purpose. However, these provisions favored scattered growth which was in contradiction with the 2025 Master Plan.
Article 90 A will promote the systematic development of the city according to the 2025 master plan. One of the provisions of the project is that anyone who wishes to convert and develop the land will have to buy and transfer 10% to 15% of the land allocated by the Jaipur Development Authority, as part of the sector plan. This money will then be used by the JDA for the development of parks, community facilities and roads.
Similarly, any real estate developer who wishes to convert land for the projects will have to pay for public amenities. With a substantial amount increased, a bigger project will be designed and proper development of the sector can be done.