Netflix creates shorts category in response to SNL Sketch

Long films are perfect on occasion. Matt Reeves‘ excellent the Batman the clocks barely tick in under three hours, and a number of classic films and blockbusters follow the same formula. Yet, as pete davidson emphasized in his SNL rap with a castmate Chris Red and guests Gunna and Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty), most of the time you just want a short that doesn’t require bathroom breaks or expose you or your friends to the risk of passing out in the middle of the movie. Luckily, Netflix has you covered now with the brand new “short films” category made in honor of Davidson’s ode to masterpieces under 100 minutes.

The category highlights all of Netflix’s best movies with relatively short runtimes that, thanks to their extensive catalog, include all-time classics. Rob ReinerThe 1986 coming-of-age classic support me clocks at about ninety minutes, just like Ben Stillerthe comic model is having a blast Zoolander. For horror fans, there’s a whole section just for you, complete with the entire Final destination franchise, as well as Mike Flanaganit’s terrifying Silence, which sees a deaf writer fending off a cunning and murderous intruder in just eighty-one minutes. Since Monty Python and the Holy Grail for London has fallenNetflix offers you all the short films that are right for you.


It’s exactly this point that Davidson and company try to make throughout their raps. movies like Bambi, Love Drunk Punch, diabolical deathand Liar Liar don’t need three hours to prove their greatness. Nobody really gets excited when someone shows up with a double VHS box set that “looks like a book” unless you plan ahead. Dirt Nasty even points to a whole series of films under 100 minutes that are good for the whole family: Jim Varneyit is Ernest franchise. If you really need proof that length doesn’t equal greatness, the group recommends the Pixar animated shorts that air before the main films that are sure to have you feeling all kinds of emotions in about three minutes.

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The only sad part about the new short film category is that it lacks many of Davidson’s standout films, but with over a dozen subcategories to choose from, there’s still a wide selection available. After all, who needs bloated movies like Once upon a time in America or Amedee when you have He is all that and The monster house? All movies in the category are also shorter than The King of Staten Island which I guess needed all those extra minutes.

Here is the official tweet from Netflix Is a Joke announcing the shorts category:


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