Mum’s the word: the influence agency Mummy is aimed at the category of niche influencers

You don’t have to look far to see a new genre of influencers taking hold online: mumfluencers, or mummies.

Never before becoming a mom has been so trendy. From Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi to Roxy Jacenko and her daughter Pixie, mommy and me couples are all the rage and it’s what led Melbourne’s Jasmine Yoong to start her agency, Envision Agency Co.

“I’m not really the type of person who likes to compete in an already saturated market, I prefer to start and see if there’s a gap in something, just do my own thing. And then I was just chatting with my friend one day in her living room, and then I was like … mommy influencer agency is different, I’ve never really heard of it before,” she told Perth Now.

“I don’t think I would have thought of that if I wasn’t a mum myself… Personally, I would probably trust a mum for recommendations.”

The agency has several WA moms signed up, including Tazz Ally.

Yong said her company’s goal is to help moms become influencers and support their families, as well as being the middleman between influencers and businesses.

There are many niche categories for mumfluencers, from food preparation, to clothing, to mommy bloggers, and even the kid age range helps moms land contracts and sponsorships.

The 26-year-old businesswoman said she doesn’t have a “specific look” when it comes to who she signs with, but she acknowledges it’s important to have diversity.

“I’m a person of color, so it’s always been really important to me to have diversity in pretty much anything like in brands and everything because one of the things that I grew up or what I’ve noticed in general is that there’s not always a lot of diversity,” she said.

“So the one thing I really enjoy about my businesses is making sure we get a range of people.”

The mother-of-three hopes her business shows that mums can be both the working parent and the current parent.