Multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for property in Logan County

New information is circulating around an elaborate search for a property in Logan County where diggers were seen arriving.

Federal, state and county investigators converged on the rural property near South Pine and Charter Oak on Wednesday.

While News 9 was told the search warrant was sealed, sources say investigators are looking for a missing man.

The neighbors were surprised by a large presence of investigators who passed in front of the houses and on the property.

The sprawling property is hidden by a ten foot sheet metal fence.

Jim Gardner and Sky News 9 were over, revealing all behind it.

On the property, there is a trailer, piles of debris and several outbuildings.

Investigators were seen scanning the property, taking a closer look at certain areas.

While residents said they saw 36 dogs being removed from the property, sources said on-site investigators had come to the home looking for 43-year-old David Allen Orr.

In January 2021, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office asked the public for help locating Orr. According to a news release, Orr was last seen Jan. 16 in the Harrah-Newalla area.

His disappearance is still under investigation.

And while sources could not confirm whether investigators were looking for Orr’s body, locals said diggers were brought in and a medical examiner was on the scene.

Records show Orr has a long criminal history. He was released in 2012 for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The property remains surrounded by criminal gangs and is under 24-hour surveillance.