MTV adds ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ category to Video Music Awards

MTV has added a “Best Metaverse Performance” category to the Video Music Awards, pitting Ariana Grande’s performance in Fortnite against the Twenty One Pilots concert in Roblox.

As reported by The Hill, voting is now open for the Metaverse category and 21 others, and MTV will announce the winners during the VMAs live broadcast on August 28.

The full list of nominees is: Ariana Grande’s headlining performance in Fortnite Rift Tour, Blackpink’s concert in PUBG: Mobile, BTS’ performance in Minecraft, Charli XCX’s appearance in Roblox, the interactive virtual experience of Justin Bieber in Wave and the Twenty One Pilots concert in Roblox.

MTV said the growing number of artists hosting digital performances prompted them to create the new category.

“We saw the opportunity to highlight and honor some of the best and most impactful executions of this – and to celebrate the artists who found creative ways to use these spaces – which led to the ‘addition of [the] Best Metaverse Performance category this year,” said MTV.

Travis Scott was one of the first artists to host a performance in this way when he played the Astronomical concert in 2020, and the connection between music and the metaverse has only grown ever since.

Staying at the forefront of the movement, Fortnite also collaborated with Coachella earlier this year to bring elements of the iconic festival into the game.