Ministry to prevent the conversion of agricultural land in Lombok

Praya, Central Lombok (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Central Government of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, held an event to educate people on protecting sustainable food farmland to remove or prevent conversion productive land in the region.

“In development (progress), both globally and locally, it is not uncommon for us to sacrifice areas of productive land, which can have positive impacts as well as negative (consequences). Thus, we we need an appropriate policy framework in order to prevent development progress from interfering with the balance of nature,” Lombok Central District Chief H. Lalu Pathul Bahri said on Monday.

The conversion of agricultural land posed a serious threat to the resilience, independence and sovereignty of the food supply, in addition to also endangering food production, the physical environment and the well-being of the farming community.

Thus, the management or control of the conversion of agricultural soils through protective measures was one of the methods to maintain food security, independence and sovereignty, as well as to promote the prosperity and well-being of farmers. .

“The government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, would lead (efforts) to protect farmland for sustainable food,” he said.

Five years ago, the central district of Lombok had more than 50,000 hectares of productive agricultural area. However, after all sorts of changes in the region, whether initiated by the government, the private sector or the community, the agricultural land currently amounts to only 43,000 hectares.

“Each year, the agricultural area in central Lombok continues to shrink,” he said.

This program was to reduce land conversion, in order to improve public welfare, especially those who worked as farmers.

“To support this program, we will establish regional regulations on the use of productive land in central Lombok,” he noted.

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