Meet the 15 Category Winners of the 2022 Amazon Smbhav Awards

The 2022 Amazon Smbhav Awards saw startups honored in multiple categories. applaud winners who have excelled in all sectors and contributed to India’s ‘Pragati’, while empowering small businesses, celebrating the spirit of businesses, local sellers, home-based entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Fintech Small Business of the Year was claimed by Align information solutions, which presented a plug-and-play model, where the potential MSME can start using the solution just by signing up. The customer has the option to download the app and use it offline. The solution can sync data to the cloud how and when you want and connected to the internet.

Digitally Enabled Local Store of the Year was awarded to binary software, which aims to bring every small business in the country to a digital platform for their day-to-day work without weighing heavily on their pockets. To diversify their portfolio, they have also ventured into chemical trading and manufacturing and plan to start the consultancy segment for faster expansion of their business.

The most diverse company of the year went to Freshokartz agricultural products, which wants to help 140 million farmers in India connect through digital platforms directly through their platform – Freshokartz Saarthi. The vision is to organize farmers for their daily operations using technology and provide them with better products with the best crop advice, and focuses on women farmers whose husbands work in cities and have less knowledge about farming.

Filo Edtech won the title of job creator of the year. Incorporated in November 2020, they are on a mission to provide a quality education to every student with a nuanced understanding that the meaning of “quality education” is different for each of them. With Filo, a student always has access to a teacher willing to listen, help, solve, explain, in short, do whatever it takes to empower a student.

First choice received the Karigar Small Business of the Year award, whose ultimate goal is to provide consumers with top quality wooden toys/home decor items at affordable prices. As the wooden toys are completely handmade, they support Indian artisans by helping them sell their local products across the country.

The Global Small Business of the Year was awarded to UUO Innovation (napEazy), whose vision is to make people more productive through restful sleep. Their product, the napEazy bed pillow, makes it easy for people to sleep because it can be changed to suit their sleeping style.

Seller app won the Technology Innovator of the Year award. A four-year-old data analytics startup working with approximately 1,20,000 e-commerce sellers across the globe, they have a vision to empower the one million e-commerce sellers with data-driven decisions to accelerate their sales .

The Product Innovator of the Year award went to by Neeman, the first footwear brand in India that uses natural, renewable, recycled and biodegradable fibers in its footwear. Their entire product line is designed with eco-friendly fabrics and materials.

Get Electric received the Entrepreneur of the Year award. Deeply inspired by qualitative engineering and the highest automotive standards set across the globe, Oben Electric also believes that such advanced technologies and progressive know-how can be provided to the Indian consumer in the electric vehicle industry.

Sirona Hygiene became the social entrepreneur of the year. On a mission to solve unresolved feminine hygiene issues, Sirona’s products help address issues such as menstruation, intimate health and toilet hygiene, and discuss them openly.

Eco-friendly clothing India won the Sustainable Small Business of the Year award. Eco Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand that boosts traditional Indian craftsmanship while reducing water and soil pollution. All garments are hand printed, hand embroidered and hand sewn using internationally certified organic fabrics and colors free of toxic chemicals.

Bold won the Digital Small Business of the Year award. A D2C health and fitness brand, Boldfit strives to provide its customers with world-class products at affordable prices by organizing, engaging and partnering with dieticians, health and fitness experts and leading suppliers. Boldfit also won the Amazon Smbhav Emerging Brand of the Year 2021 award.

Mobility Arcatron won this year’s Smbhav award. Arcatron is a research and development house with an online distribution of assisted living products and builds the next generation of products to enhance human activities of daily living. Their Arcatron brand is on a mission to advance global standards of assisted living by making it dignified and safer.

Elite Homes received the Emerging Brand of the Year award. Founded with the goal of creating a community with the best elite lighting solutions and products, Homes Elite envisions helping customers in all parts of the world make their homes more upscale with minimal effort.

Finally, the Women Entrepreneur of the Year was awarded to Inventing India’s Innovations. Founded by Jyoti Sudhir, Invent India envisions putting India on the global innovation map and focuses on creating impactful product and brand experiences that add value to life.

As the country strives to realize India’s vision of a digital economy and self-reliance, spurring innovation will be critical. And, India’s dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial landscape provides the perfect springboard for realizing this vision. Here, platforms like Amazon Smbhav Awards will continue to provide support, mentorship, exposure, and access to networks that will help startups thrive and drive the growth story forward.