Maricopa County Supervisor Thomas Galvin Named Rose Law Group Partner

Thomas Galvin, a longtime land and water use attorney and current Maricopa County Supervisor, has been named a partner in the Scottsdale-based Rose Law Group, the firm announced.

Galvin has practiced at Rose Law, Arizona’s largest law firm founded by a woman, since 2015, according to a press release. Previously, Galvin was a policy adviser to Companies Commissioner Brenda Burns and worked in the commercial real estate sector.

“Rose Law Group has allowed me to work on a wide range of issues and find success for clients,” Galvin said. “Being a partner in such an important company with a great leader like Jordan Rose made the decision to become a partner at RLG easier.”

Galvin received a degree in history from the College of the Holy Cross and earned his law degree from Notre Dame.

“Tom has been with our Rose Law Group team for seven years. He is truly amazing,” said RLG founder Jordan Rose. “He makes us all better and works hard to achieve the best results for our clients. Tom has a unique ability to find creative solutions to really complicated problems. He is a key member of our team and I personally rely on his wisdom at Toms work ethic has been tested time and time again, he finds a way to successfully juggle family, work and public service.

Galvin lives in Phoenix with his wife Ana and their young son. He was named Maricopa County Supervisor in December.