Law professor pleads constituency insecurity in bid for reps


March 23 (THEWILL) – A lecturer at the University of Jos School of Law, Mark Lere, has identified insecurity as the most threatening issue in his constituency and has promised that the same issue will form the core of his constituency plan if he is elected to the House of Representatives in the next legislative elections.

Lawyer Lere, who contests on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has said for some time now that insecurity is the bane of development in his region and in most of the Central Plateau, in the extent to which the heritage of the people is violated. through crimes like land grabbing, displacement of people from their ancestral homes, and food insecurity setting in because farmers no longer feel safe to farm.

Pointing out that local terrorism has truly abused the basic rights of the people of Jos Constituency, he insisted that in order to put the people and the region back on the path to progress and prosperity, peace must first be guaranteed by tackling injustices, such as land grabbing. and the usurpation of homes and the displacement of natives.

The protection of life and property being the primary responsibility or frontline burden of every government. He said a trend of destroying farmlands and crops and entrapping the farming community must be stopped for harmonious coexistence to prevail and drive the struggle for development.

He said that once the constituency and the people are secure, the challenge will be economic empowerment, especially the youth population, in the face of dwindling employment opportunities.

Advocate Lere is of the view that economic empowerment will not only keep young people and businesses engaged and active, but will have a positive impact on the pace of grassroots businesses, with ultimate added value for the turnover of businesses. businesses, trade volume, variety chain, job creation, prosperity, and gross domestic product (GDP).