Land segregation announced for Esmeralda Solar Projects

TONOPAH, NV – The Bureau of Land Management Tonopah Field Office announced a two-year segregation of 118,630.9 acres at seven proposed solar projects in Esmeralda County, Nevada, about 23 miles southwest of Tonopah and 12 miles west of Silver Peak in the Big Smoky Valley.

This notice of segregation will set aside identified land for two years from appropriation under public lands laws including location under the Mining Act but not the Mining Leases Act or the Materials Act, subject to valid existing rights.

“Segregations help facilitate the orderly administration of public lands as we carefully review projects and consider the development of renewable energy resources in accordance with the nation’s priorities,” said Perry Wickham, Tonopah field office manager. “Using this temporary segregation authority gives us the time and space we need to make a considered decision on the proposed rights of way.”

Segregation for these lands is effective July 27, 2022. The end of segregation would occur on the earliest of the following dates: upon issuance of a decision by the authorized officer granting, granting with modifications, or denying the application for the right to – way; without further administrative action upon termination of the segregation provided for in the Federal Register notice initiating the segregation; or upon publication of a Federal Register notice ending segregation.

For more information, please contact Perry B. Wickham, Field Manager, Tonopah Field Office, at 775-482-7801.