Land conversion order based on affidavit in one week: Minister Ashoka

bangalore: In a gesture that will have a direct impact on land transactions, the Minister of Revenue R. Ashoka said yesterday in Bengaluru that the state government would amend existing laws to allow conversion of agricultural plots for non-agricultural use within 72 hours.

The decree to this effect will be issued next week. Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru yesterday, Ashoka said the new scheme aims to prevent unnecessary hassles faced by landowners and also end corrupt practices by government officials at different levels. Now people who bought land have to wait six to eight months to be converted, he said.

Although there is no change in the conversion fee in rural areas, towns and semi-urban areas have to pay two or three times the conversion fee, the minister said. A one stop shop system will be applied in the offices of Deputy Commissioners who will deal with all kinds of land conversions to form developments and industrial estates.

Now as per procedure revenue department sends land conversion request from DC to planning authority then file is forwarded to all land acquisition officers then Tahsildar then Tahsildar revenue inspector and finally to the village accountant.

By the time the land is converted, it takes about six to eight months and requires a multiplicity of reports, Ashoka said. He said that certain conditions will be imposed on those who seek to convert the land. For example, the land for which conversion is sought should not be encroached upon or set aside for the welfare of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes.

Applicants must submit an affidavit and pay the required fees to convert the land. Under affidavit-based conversion, an agricultural landowner will be able to allocate the land to any non-agricultural use by giving a self-declaration in accordance with the approved master plan of a particular area.

If a particular area is marked as a green area in the master plan, the conversion cannot be performed. In case the master plan has not yet been published for an area, the conversion order will be issued on the basis of self-declaration subject to the non-agricultural use being approved by the competent authorities in accordance with Karnataka City and Land Use Planning Act. In case false affidavits are submitted or there are gaps or ambiguity in the affidavit, the conversion will be canceled and at the same time, the applicant will have to forfeit the fees paid while applying, Ashoka added.