Killers of BJP official identified, chasing them: Police

Alappuzha (Ker), December 22 (PTI): All 12 defendants, suspected of having been directly involved in the recent murder of BJP official Ranjith Sreenivas here, have been identified but managed to escape Kerala, a Police said Thursday as the arrest of another person was recorded in the murder of KS Shan of the SDPI for allegedly providing logistical support to the killers. Special police teams have been deployed to track down the fleeing culprits and the investigation has been extended out of state, Law and Order (ADGP) Vijay Sakhare told reporters.

The senior IPS officer, who heads the special investigation team investigating the consecutive killings of Sreenivas and Shan, however, said he had relevant information regarding the plot in both cases, but that he could not disclose the details as it would negatively impact the investigation. .

All 12 defendants, directly involved in the murder of Sreenivas, have been identified. But, none of them are in the state now. We chase them away. They will soon land in police custody, ”he said.

It is certain that the killers had received outside support to go into hiding and the police were examining the details, he said.

Asked about SDPI’s allegations against frequent police raids on the homes of party activists and supporters, he said raids would continue in alleged hiding places of the accused, as it was important to arrest the culprits. “We must maintain that the situation of law and order is not broken. For that, raids are important, ” he said.

An ambulance, suspected of having been used by the culprits involved in the Shan murder case, has been seized by police and its scientific and forensic examination will be carried out shortly, he said.

“It’s a cat-and-mouse game now. All the accused are in hiding but we will catch them at all costs, ” the senior officer added. Shan, SDPI Secretary of State, was killed by a gang on Saturday evening on his way home, while BJP OBC Secretary of State Morcha Sreenivas was stabbed to death in front of his family by police officers. attackers in his house on Sunday. Morning.

Five SDPI supporters had been arrested in connection with Sreenivas’ murder so far while the arrest of three people had been recorded in Shan’s death, police said. PTI LGK LGK SS SS

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