Kenai to discuss land management plan on Monday

Kenai City Council will meet with members of several city commissions on Monday for a joint working session to discuss the city’s draft land management plan. The development of the city’s land has been identified as a priority by several municipal administrators and members of the municipal council.

Kenai Town has 369 subdivided plots that include wetlands and coastal areas, as well as other plots deemed suitable for residential, commercial, industrial and recreational purposes, according to a September 9 memo from the Kenai Town Manager. , Paul Ostrander.

A city-wide approach to land management was first approved by Kenai City Council in 2018, Ostrander wrote. The draft plan, over 200 pages long, meets the city’s objectives, including providing an inventory of the city’s land, identifying properties required for public purposes and making recommendations for them. surplus city land, among others.

Kenai City Council, Kenai Airport Commission, Kenai Port Commission, Kenai Parks and Recreation Commission and Kenai Planning and Zoning Commission will be in attendance on Monday. The working session will be held at the Chamber of Commerce and at the Kenai Visitor Center.

“This working session is an important first step in engaging the public to better identify community values, ideas and recommendations regarding our city-owned public lands,” Ostrander wrote in a September 21 memo to the participants in the working session. “The administration has spent over three years preparing this document so that detailed land information is available in a single, readable document for the first time.”

The draft land management plan can be viewed on the city’s website at

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