Karnataka reflects on one-day land conversion plan

In a move that will have a direct impact on land transactions, Revenue Minister R Ashoka said on Wednesday that the state government is considering amending existing laws to allow the conversion of agricultural plots to non-agricultural purposes in one day. .

Speaking to reporters, Ashoka said the new program aims to avoid “unnecessary problems” facing landowners. “The people who bought the land had to wait six months for the conversion. Now the government will convert the land within one day of the request,” he said.

Land conversion, known as DC conversion as performed by Deputy Commissioners, is seen as a tedious process bogged down in bureaucratic red tape.

Making land conversion easy will come after the government last year liberalized farm ownership by allowing non-farmers to buy farmland.

However, Ashoka said certain conditions would be placed on those seeking to convert land. For example, land for which conversion is requested should not be encroached upon or set aside for the welfare of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes. “If the conditions are met, the government will authorize the conversion within the day,” he said.

The minister recognized flaws in the current land conversion process. People who have invested in the land are forced to pay a large amount of interest and at the same time face delays, he lamented. “Many of those who bought land to create industries are facing problems because of the rules. In view of this, the government plans to allow land conversion in one day,” he reiterated.

The minister also stressed that people are forced to run from pillar to post for land conversion. “Those who bought land had to pay up to Rs 5 lakh per acre for land conversion,” he said.

Last year, the government decided to introduce a 30-day limit to allow the conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural or industrial purposes.

Also last year, the Karnataka Land Reform Law was amended allowing a business or organization facing losses “for various reasons beyond its control” to sell the land allotted to them for industrial, residential purposes. , educational or other after a period of seven years. . This was not allowed under section 109 of the law before.

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