JLo Beauty expands into ‘high growth’ body care category

When JLo Beauty launched in January 2021, the concept was to offer products to achieve Jennifer Lopez’s signature facial glow. Now, customers can purchase a new product to help them replicate his equally iconic body.

On Sunday, July 24, JLo Beauty launched its first body care product, called Booty Balm, which sells for $65 on the brand’s DTC e-commerce site. It will land at Sephora, its exclusive retail partner, on September 6. Lopez revealed the Booty Balm launch in a flashy nude photo shoot on her personal Instagram account where she has over 200 million followers. July 24 also coincided with Lopez’s 53rd birthday. The 18-month-old brand saw triple year-over-year sales growth, said Lisa Sequino, CEO and co-founder of JLo Beauty.

“We see body care as a high-growth category. We see [Booty Balm] as a great opportunity to gain a foothold in this space. jlo [is known for her] shine, but also her body,” Sequino said. “When we thought about the next product, it had to be the body as a real [beauty] walk.”

Body care products continue to outpace facial skin care in terms of sales growth, according to NPD Group’s latest Q2 Prestige Beauty Sales Report. Body care products and brands have grown in part by adding vitamin C, retinol and other traditional facial skin care ingredients into their formulations. Booty Balm includes ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid, and avocado seed extract.

“We give all this care and attention to the skin on our face, but sometimes we neglect the body. It was important to me to create a skincare routine for the body to meet its specific and unique needs,” Lopez said.

Notably, Sequino said JLo Beauty’s primary customers are Latinx women and people between the ages of around 35 and 55. A unique aspect of Booty Balm is the inclusion of user “trusted claims”, which are featured in marketing and product descriptions alongside the brand’s clinical claims. The claims focus on the product’s impact on users’ self-esteem. Trust claims were first added to The Overnight Hustle Resurfacing Serum when it launched in April and will be included in all future product launches. Confidence claims for Booty Balm include that 76% of users experience “restored confidence” after eight weeks of use.

“[Older women] is a large consumer base that has been ignored. They don’t want to hear about ‘anti-aging’, they want to be pro-life and look their best at every stage of their life,” Sequino said. “We have the opportunity to really speak to the modern woman who is sexy and amazing at any age, especially 30+.”

As part of the launch, JLo Beauty will also launch outdoor advertising, with print ads and billboards in New York and Los Angeles throughout the summer. The brand teased the July 5 launch when Lopez shared a video on her personal Instagram account. Beginning the week of July 18, the brand further teased the launch via email marketing; he plans to promote the product with additional emails, texts, and Instagram Live sessions with Lopez after the launch. Sequino declined to share other category launches planned by JLo Beauty, but said customers were specifically asking for makeup, hair care, health care and fitness products.