International Women’s Day | It’s great teamwork at the law firm | Blayney Chronicle

“In 2007 I was looking for part-time work after my husband Peter retired from the NSW Bar where he had practiced as a barrister and then senior solicitor,” said Tricia Arden, Senior Solicitor at Arden Law.

“Peter had law firms in Sydney and Orange and in 1988 he bought land near Lyndhurst to better understand and pursue his farming and ranching interests. Peter was involved in many cases over the years on rural issues.

“I was interviewed by Tony Cheney and started working for Cheney Wilson in October 2007. The partners at that time were Tony and Peter Wilson.

“In 2013 Tony and Peter both reached the ripe old age of 60 (a number I have now passed) and decided it was time for them to spend a little less time in law and more time with their family,” adds Tricia.

On July 1, 2013, Tricia began trading under the name Arden Law. The company has grown and now has six employees.

“Annette Battle and Heike Hermstruewer (also known as Heike Benjafield) help me with estates and transfer of property and Heather McKenzie works on reception as well as being my accountant. Heather also keeps us all online!

“I have also employed two part-time solicitors. Alice Willis who worked as a paralegal in law firms in Brisbane and Sydney while completing her law degree. Alice then worked as a paralegal and marketing manager in a law firm in Hong Kong for four years. Alice was admitted as a barrister on her return to Australia in 2019 and now works four days a week at Arden Law.

“Samantha Freeman was previously a partner at DLA Piper and later Norton Rose Fulbright in Sydney until she and her husband started farming near Blayney.

“Last, but not least, is Juste Kucinskaite. Juste started working with Arden Law in March 2021 and holds a Masters in Law from Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. Juste loves the area and I patronize her now in his 494 visa application. Juste hopes to become a permanent resident and gain admission as a solicitor in Australia, which will require further study by Juste.

“I feel very privileged to have such a supportive team around me and we all feel privileged to be so supported by the Blayney community.”

I feel very privileged to have such a united team around me…

Senior Counsel Tricia Arden