Impress Communications Wins “Best in Class” at the 2022 PIASC Awards of Excellence

Impress Communications received the PIASC “Best of the Category” award for exemplary work done for its long-time client, Discovery Land. The company has been responsible for planning and executing the printed materials associated with Discovery Land campaigns over the years.

“It is a real privilege to share the stage with such interesting and award-winning companies. There is no secret formula for success; through the collective efforts of our team, our customers and our associates, we have succeeded to deliver the work we are proud of and celebrate,” said Paul Marin, CEO of Impress Communications.

“Our goal is to help our customers increase their visibility through stunning designs, innovation and craftsmanship. This award is proof that our team does just that.” he adds again.

The jury for the 2022 PIASC Excellence Award is made up of hand-picked professionals and consultants with over 10 years of experience in the art, graphic design and printing industry. The platform follows an anonymous judging process to ensure an objective and fair outcome. Additionally, the panel was tasked with selecting the best from thousands of work samples submitted across the country.

An entry must display a unique combination of innovation, creativity and exceptional quality to stand out. Judges consider print quality, degree of difficulty and technical expertise, including registration, ink coverage, solids density, dot structure, crosses, use of paper, finishing techniques and general visual appearance.

Impress Communications, a recognized leader in the custom printing and packaging industry is renowned for its branded, innovative and sustainable solutions. They recently introduced 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable PCW paper. Currently, 100% PCW paper is exclusively supplied by Impress Communications in North America.

SOURCE Impress Communications