Honors to British American Tobacco (BAT) by winning the Consumer Goods category of the CIO Awards

In a welcoming speech, the organizer, CIO Awards and the CIO Club Africa, Ms. Abiola Laseinde, said the occasion was an opportunity to celebrate the country’s corporate giants and the leaders of the digital revolution.

“Over the past two years, our world has seen remarkable changes in the way we live. The effect of globalization and the covid-19 pandemic has placed technology and the digital revolution at the forefront of our daily existence.

“The CIO Awards will continue to recognize the phenomenal behind-the-scenes work by various IT professionals in our ever-changing world.” she said.

Speaking further, she said, “Coming out of the success of the first edition of the awards last year, we created the CIO Club Africa, a strategic platform that presents a unique opportunity for leaders to interact with each other while giving birth to ideas that will go beyond our ecosystem to prepare us for global challenges and bring us to the task of a future benefit that will flow from these challenges.

In a message of goodwill, the President of the CIO Awards and Chairman of the CIO Awards Executive Leadership Council and the CIO Awards Jury, Mr. Adé Bajomo, described the awards as the Oscars for Innovators and Digital Leaders.

He noted that digital installations are the greatest asset of any business, while commending Edniesal for recognizing the heroes of digital technology.

“Today is a very special day because we are celebrating the heroes who make this happen. Without Edniesal Consulting which led the way in Nigeria and Africa, these guys would have gone unnoticed. I often say that the Fourth Industrial Revolution , in which we are now living and from which we are in transition, is exciting for Africans.

“This is the first revolution that Africans are solving African problems, leveraging global partnerships and technologies. Now is the perfect time to be a part of it. This year alone $ 1.5 billion was invested in fintechs in Africa and, interestingly, Nigeria accounts for a third of that.

“Therefore, I really think there is no better time to celebrate these heroes and to create a platform for the future. If we are serious about solving a problem in this country, it will be done by pulling technology and bringing in participants the technology ecosystem.

In a speech delivered on behalf of the company, the Director of External Affairs of BAT West and Central Africa, Odiri Erewa-Meggison, thanked Edniesal Consulting for its invitation and “for recognizing the difference we are making at BAT, especially in leveraging digital technology to drive our transformation.

She said further: “At BAT, we are committed to a transformation process to build A Better Tomorrow by reducing the impact of our activity on health, and our ambition is to accelerate this transformation thanks to our range of alternative choices for adult consumers, which are already used by millions of consumers. consumers around the world. Our aim is to continue to focus on our societal responsibilities in Nigeria and beyond by keeping sustainability at the center of everything we do.

“As you will all understand, in today’s business world, you cannot achieve this ambition without taking advantage of digital transformation, technology and innovation. Indeed, it is at the very heart of it. As part of this journey, we work to create new technologies and capabilities while leveraging, reusing and evolving those that already exist.

“We ensure that digital transformation belongs to all stakeholders, from customers to retailers, who are invariably our brand ambassadors and who base their livelihoods on the quality and availability of our products; adult consumers who demand more and more personalization and must remain enthusiastic about our offers; and employees who need to be empowered to make the right decisions at the right time, with the right motivations and the right mindset.

“Overall, we are exploring new digital initiatives and ways of working, identifying business value, transforming the road to market and growing rapidly across the business; and I’m proud to say we’re a game-changer in our industry segment with this bunch of digital and technological solutions.

Earlier, in a goodwill message, the chairman of the occasion and CEO, Chapel Hill Denham, Mr. Bolaji Balogun, noted, “Whether we like it or not, if we are to diversify the economy over the next decade.

we will do this primarily by creating value in the non-oil industry and a key sector where such opportunities exist is in the technology sector; and that is why an event like this celebrating all of you who are leaders in the industry is so important. I am so proud to be involved in it.