Hawkeye Emmy Category Change May Reveal Season 2 Plans

Disney is changing Hawkeye’s Emmy Award category from Outstanding Limited Series to Comedy Series, suggesting a second season could be on the way.

An adjustment to Hawk EyeThe awards category suggests the Marvel Cinematic Universe series may be back for a second season.

Based on Disney’s “For Your Consideration” website, Hawk Eye is no longer ranked in the Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series category, but rather in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. While it’s currently unknown why Disney changed the show’s nomination, it should be noted that for a series to be nominated for the Limited Series Emmy Award, it must “tell a complete, non-recurring story, and not having an ongoing storyline or main characters in subsequent seasons.” The tweak led some fans to believe that a second season of Hawk Eye is now in development. Marvel Studios and Disney have yet to officially announce anything regarding the future of the series.

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This isn’t the first time Disney has changed the suggested awards category for one of its MCU series. Loki was also originally nominated for Outstanding Limited Series, but was changed when the show’s second season was officially confirmed.

Despite the Emmy category change, the future of the Clint Barton-led series remains a series. Executive producer and director Rhys Thomas raised the possibility of a season 2, saying he was not aware of any official installment. “I can’t talk about future plans in the tradition of secrecy,” Thomas said. “Again, the show that comes out, you never know how it’s going to be received and it’s amazing how warmly people took it and enjoyed it. And it was great to see [Hailee Steinfeld’s] character embraced and somehow landed so firmly in the MCU. I genuinely can’t wait to see where this character goes next. And yes, I loved walking the streets of the MCU and would love to do it again.”

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Hawk Eye follows the titular Avenger as he embarks on a journey through New York City to rescue his protege Kate Bishop after she becomes embroiled in a dangerous underworld conspiracy. While fans enjoyed exploring Hawkeye’s regret over falling for his stint as a violent vigilante in Avengers: Endgame, the series turned heads when it reintroduced Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin. The beloved actor reprized the role for Netflix daredevil series, officially making its iteration of the villain canon in the MCU.

Hawk Eye is now streaming on Disney+.

Source: Disney Studio Awards, via Reddit

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