Governor Hogan signs new congressional redistricting map after AG drops appeal

Annapolis, MD — Gov. Larry Hogan signed a revamped congressional map this week after the state withdrew its appeal of an earlier ruling that the Democrats’ initial map was unconstitutional.

The new map was passed by lawmakers last week and signed into law on Monday afternoon.

On March 25, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Lynn Battaglia ruled that the initial map approved by the General Assembly was unconstitutional and gave lawmakers five days to draw a new one, WBAL-TV reports.

Governor Hogan issued the next statement monday:

“Today we won a tremendous victory for democracy and for free and fair elections in Maryland. For the first time, a set of cards gerrymandered by Democrats were thrown away. The court ruling that politicians engaged in “extreme” gerrymandering stands, and a redesigned map is now the law of the land.

“This is the culmination of our eight-year battle against what has been the worst gerrymandering in America,” Governor Hogan added. I want to thank everyone across the state—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—who fought for fair cards.

“Gerrymandering is a cancer of democracy, whichever party does it. It is a historic achievement, but now the General Assembly must fix this process permanently so that politicians cannot go back and try to violate the Constitution again. Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.