Driving law changes: Motorists and expats warned of costly fines when driving in Europe

As summer approaches, thousands of Britons will be looking to vacation in Europe to soak up the sun. However, drivers in the UK and expats abroad are warned of possible hefty fines and even jail time if they don’t follow the rules of the road.

Speed ​​limits

Compared to France, Italy, Germany and Spain, the UK has the lowest speed limits, with minimums of 20mph residential, up to 30mph urban, 60mph in rural areas and reaching up to 70 mph on the highway.

When driving on scenic city roads in France, Italy and Germany, drivers are limited to 31 mph, while you can hit up to 80 mph on the autobahns.

On Spanish motorways the speed limit is slightly lower, with drivers banned from going faster than 74 mph.

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Traveling with children

If they have a child under 12 or less than 135cm tall, they must be seated in an appropriate child restraint when in the UK and Spain.

In France and Italy, if the child or children weigh up to nine kilograms, they must travel in a rear-facing car seat, in the back of the car only.

German law requires children under 12 who are less than 1.5 meters (59 inches) tall to travel in an approved car seat or booster seat.