Don’t miss these incredible images of the interior of a Category Four hurricane

There is no reason for anyone to reasonably navigate a hurricane, but luckily nowadays we have autonomous vehicles that can get in there to collect images and data for scientific research. The results for the 2021 season have been incredible, as this terrifying streak shows.

Hurricane Sam was a major hurricane in Cape Verde of 2021 which luckily stayed mostly clear of land but still achieved Category Four status with winds of 155 mph. That didn’t stop NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory and the Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory from teaming up with Saildrone, however, to send the Explorer SD 1045 into the eye of the storm. , capturing valuable data and incredible images as the winds raged at around 100 mph and the waves rolled above 40 feet, sometimes even knocking the device over. SD 1045 was about 450 nautical miles northeast of Puerto Rico when the storm passed through it. The results of the data from the device were presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (SD 1045 is only one unit in an entire fleet monitoring many regions of the world’s oceans), although the scientists have barely begun to analyze the mine of data. Fortunately for us, the images have already come out, so we can experience the awe-inspiring power of nature in one of its most powerful manifestations. Watch the video above.