Detective story? DAR considers alleged illegal land conversion an “insult” – Manila Bulletin

Detective story? DAR considers alleged illegal land conversion an “insult”

An “insult” to the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

This is how the agency described the alleged illegal conversion of some seven areas along the Pullian bypass road in Bulacan province.

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) (MANILA BULLETIN)

Abdullah M. Linog, head of the land reform program of DAR-Bulacan II province, said the areas – estimated at 3,000 square meters of agricultural land – have been “emptied of earth and gravel”.

The illegal activity was discovered during an eye inspection at the site by the provincial office of the DAR.

“We have no record of a conversion request submitted to the office,” Linog said.

He said the alleged arbitrary conversion could mean “a direct insult to the agency given that DAR officials and staff still pass through the area on a daily basis.”

“We are now collecting relevant information for the possible filing of appropriate cases if we discover any irregularities in this engagement,” Linog said.

Liog explained that although the conversion of land to other uses is not illegal per se, the conversion of land in a particular area can only be allowed if the situation warrants it and for justifiable reasons. Appropriate guidelines should also be followed.

“As Filipino citizens, we must always obey the law and government rules for the welfare of our country,” he said.

He further pledged that the DAR “will continue to protect agricultural areas against any illegal activity”.