DDA approves allocation of 1,675 EWS category apartments

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has approved a 10% increase in land rates for the calculation of lease to freehold conversation charges for commercial and industrial properties and multi-level car parks for 2022-23. Approval should be forwarded to MoHUA for final approval.

The DDA, in its meeting chaired by Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena, also approved the allocation of 1,675 Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category apartments built to Jailer Wala Bagh, Ashok Vihar.

The DDA will also allocate 18 apartments to the Ministry of External Affairs with a 5% discount on the cost of the apartment and parking. “The in-situ rehabilitation of JJ Cluster slums in Jailor Wala Bagh, Ashok Vihar was supported by DDA. Eligible inhabitants of JJ are to be moved to 1,675 EWS apartments built near JJ cluster on payment of Rs 1.71,000.

There are approximately 1,640 households and eligible households will be allocated these apartments by lottery. After rehabilitation, the freed land measuring approximately 11,129 square meters will be sold by DDA through an auction,” said a press release.

An official said that the DDA has been instructed to reconsider increasing the additional FAR rates and using the conversion fee proposed by them and provide more details at the next meeting. However, the period of applicability of tariffs which was valid until June 30 has been extended until December 31. After receiving representations from recipients alleging a higher cost of these apartments compared to that mentioned in the program brochure, many recipients approached the Delhi High Court to challenge the cost of the apartments. Some of them subsequently requested permission from the court to allow them to deposit the amount claimed by the authority, after the expiry of the last deadline,” he informed.

‘In the meantime, the DDA had purchased 333 CWG apartments in the Akshardham residential complex from the EMAAR and MGF groups in 2009. A large number of apartments were allocated or sold through open auctions.

However, not getting a positive response, it was decided to allocate the remaining apartments to government institutions. Currently, only 19 apartments remain unsold at CWG. The disposal price has been set at Rs 3,28,400 per sqm for the year 2022-2023,” he said.