Database errors delay conversion of land to town

Land conversion in the city of Kozhikode has stalled for four months due to errors in the database published by the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation. Thousands of requests to verify whether a certain land fell within the database are pending at Krishi Bhavan in Puthiyara for this reason.

Kommeri District Councilor Kavitha Arun recently brought the matter to the Company Council in the form of a submission. She said there were a lot of errors in the database, including survey numbers. Several strips of land that were to be in the databank were not included, and those that did not have space in the databank were not excluded.

A certificate from the local Krishi Bhavan stating that the land is not included in the database for wetlands and rice paddies must be obtained before submitting a land conversion application to the office of the Revenue Divisional Officer. The Krishi Bhavan in Puthiyara is in charge of this certification in 11 villages (55 districts) under the Kozhikode Corporation.

The Krishi Bhavan issued the certificates until the end of April 2021 on the basis of the database project. However, the order of the Deputy Director (Agriculture) to use the published database instead of the project put Krishi Bhavan officials in a mess as they found several errors in the published version. Therefore, the Krishi Bhavan completely stopped issuing certificates much to the dismay of many people who are waiting for these certificates for land conversion and bank loans. The agricultural agent, in a letter, asked the mayor to correct the database as soon as possible.

“This problem is only prevalent in the areas under the control of Puthiyara Krishi Bhavan, and not in the areas that were attached to the company, under the areas of Elathur, Beypore and Cheruvannur,” Ms. Arun said.

Ramesh Kumar, executive engineer of the company, said it was an issue that arose while entering data for the database. “We have over 2,000 requests asking that certain sites be removed from the database. This is done. Now only the additions are pending, ”Mr. Kumar said. The company has appointed two new data entry operators for this purpose and discussions are underway with the Bureau of Agriculture for clarifications.