CDC: Kentucky counties in ‘high’ COVID-19 category down 50% in past week

Fayette County remains at CDC’s highest tier

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The number of Kentucky counties considered “high” COVID-19 communities has fallen from 65 to 32 over the past week, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ) the United States .

Fayette County remains at the CDC’s highest level. Under the “high” classification, the CDC recommends masking in indoor public places.

Many counties in the “high” category are in eastern Kentucky.

The CDC classifies communities as low, medium and high based on new cases, hospitalizations and hospital capacity.

According to the CDC, people who live in a county with a “low” community level should make sure they are fully vaccinated and get tested if they have symptoms.

People in the “average” category should make sure they are fully immunized, get tested if they have symptoms, and talk to a doctor about wearing a mask, social distancing and other precautions if they are at high risk.

If you live in a community in the “high” category, it is recommended that you wear a mask in public, be fully immunized, get tested if you have symptoms, and take extra precautions if you are at high risk .

The CDC says people with symptoms of COVID-19 who have tested positive or who have been exposed to someone with the virus should wear a mask in public, regardless of community category.

To view the CDC’s latest community classification map and other coronavirus-related news and statistics for Kentucky, click here.