Category ‘A’ columnist arrested in Port Blair

Grade ‘A’ history leaft OV Ranjith, who holed up in Andaman, has been arrested by a special police squad after a dramatic chase from the city. He fled after attacking his aide at his home in Saidapet.

He was arrested by the Port Blair airport crew before boarding a flight to Bengaluru in the early hours of Monday and was brought into the city to investigate half a dozen criminal cases.

The accused, Ranjith alias Ranjithkumar, is from Othiyur village in Chengalpattu. He has several cases, including three murders, ongoing in Mamallapuram, Cuddalore, Chengalpattu, Thirumangalam, Seekazhi and Sadras. He gained notoriety following his involvement in land grabs and extortion on the East Coast Road and within the city limits. He was previously with Puratchi Bharatham, and currently a congressional official, police said.

He recently moved his residence to the eighth floor of a residential apartment adjacent to Maraimalai Adigal Bridge in Saidapet. On March 31, a man fell from the third floor of the apartment. Police identified him as ‘T. Nagar’ Ranjith, who was OV Ranjith’s driver. He was assaulted by the latter after being suspected of having denounced his employer’s affair with his wife. He managed to escape and descended to the third floor of the building using a rope. When he tried to jump to the ground, he broke his legs as OV Ranjith escaped from the building.

A senior police officer said: ‘Our team tracked him down in Port Blair and rushed there to secure him. He was taken into custody after being brought back to town.

Ranjith’s wife arrested

Meanwhile, the Central Crime Branch’s Entrustment Document Fraud (EDF) wing arrested Ranjith’s wife, Sunitha, 34, for allegedly cheating a businessman in Medavakkam to the tune of ₹12.49 crore .

Police said the complainant, Seenivasan, said he had a “business enterprise” in Saudi Arabia and had come down to the city in 2020 after the COVID-19 lockdown. When he found out he couldn’t come back, Sunitha asked him to invest in two businesses she and her family ran and offered to double his investment in a year. Trusting her words, he transferred ₹12.49 crore to the accounts she mentioned.

The police said they had not returned the amount promised to the complainant and the investigation revealed that the businesses she claimed to run were not registered.