Category 2 cyclone about to impact the Top End | The Examiner

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A Category 2 tropical cyclone is expected to hit the Far North Queensland coast this afternoon, with impacts expected to be felt in the Northern Territory later this week. According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Tropical Cyclone Tiffany is currently located about 25 kilometers northwest of Cape Melville, and is expected to make landfall west of Cape Melville in the early afternoon. The tropical cyclone has been classified as a category two, with sustained winds near the center of 95 kilometers per hour with wind gusts to 130 kilometers per hour. “Tiffany will weaken slightly over land but may maintain the strength of the tropical cyclone as it moves west across the Cape,” a BOM statement said. “The system is then expected to move into the Gulf of Carpentaria on Tuesday and rapidly re-intensify as it moves towards the Northern Territory coast. “A severe tropical cyclone coastal impact on the Northern Territory coast is possible on Wednesday or Thursday.” The cyclone comes in the wake of flooding that hit Maryborough in Queensland following Cyclone Seth.Maryborough was inundated with water that flowed into the CBD through storm drains amid major flooding. Authorities expected the river to peak in Maryborough above a major flood stage of 10.5 metres, impacting around 80 homes on Sunday afternoon, after the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Seth dumped 600 mm over the Wide Bay-Burnett area in two days in a Facebook post Sunday evening, “We now have 12 pumps, each moving about 120 liters per second. We believe the flooding has peaked,” he said in the post. The seawall protected the CBD until an underground stormwater valve failed just before 2 p.m., allowing Floodwaters to back up through sewers and onto the streets.Police and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have issued an urgent emergency evacuation order for more than 30 city center blocks.- with Australian Associated Press