Can you sweep this Marvel JEOPARDY! Category?

If you’re like us, you enjoy watching an episode of Peril! just to see if you can get the answer to a single question. Sometimes, however, we are all lucky and the odds stack in our favor. At the recent College National Championship Tournament, Peril! brought a bit of corny fun to the table. The category is? Wonder. From time to time, Peril! likes to sneak into cheesy categories and answers like this. And when they do, it’s always fun to try our luck with them. So what do you think? Can you sweep Peril! is the Marvel category?

Let’s see the questions:

Well, we admit it. Peril! Offshoots like the National College Championship often pose a little easier questions to their competitors. But bragging rights are bragging rights. And we fully applaud you if you have all those Marvel Peril! good questions. Of course, plenty of Marvel fans could have answered those questions and given a knowledgeable monologue about what they mean to the franchise as a whole.

And, while the answers are obvious, the category is full of interesting Marvel facts. Like how Groot actor Vin Diesel got a script with Groot-speak translations into English. That way, his delivery of Groot’s iconic line could vary. I’m… very interested to imagine what Groot’s English translation looked like.


We also appreciate the variety of questions. Since Captain Marvel for The ant Man for Black Panther for Iron Man, many fan-favorite MCU movies have been captured in this Marvel Peril! Category. A real nostalgic tour for fans of the universe. To be honest, we feel Peril! should incorporate a more regular nerdy category into its game. Or maybe a component like daily doubles, but more geeky. Everything is better with a little more nerdness. Just ask for Nerdy Wordle Variants.

I guess nerdness is best for 1000 please.