California Environmental Laws and Policies Update – August 2022 #2 | Allen Matkins

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The Vacaville Reporter – August 11

Governor Gavin Newsom issued a broad to plan on August 11, seeking to expand California’s water supply in light of worsening droughts and water shortages due to climate change. The plan sets various goals and targets, many of which aim to capture more water in wet years to save for dry years. Goals include doubling the amount of recycled water produced in the state by 2030, increasing stormwater catchment by a factor of 77% by 2030, raising the reservoir dam from San Luis to East Hollister and the acceleration of seven storage projects. approved for funding under Proposal 1, including the expansion of storage capacity at Los Vaqueros Reservoir in Contra Costa County and construction of the new $3.9 billion Sites Reservoir in Colusa County.


Ball The Democratic Press – August 9

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday postponed passage of changes to the county’s water well regulations, citing the need for additional analysis and greater public education. County planning staff presented supervisors with revisions to coordinate groundwater extraction and use with protection of commerce, recreation, navigation and habitat on surface water bodies , including the Russian River, Petaluma River and Sonoma Creek, which, as the California Coastkeeper Alliance claims in a lawsuit filed last year, government authorities are charged with protecting under the doctrine of “public trust”. from California.

Ball Oaklandside – August 5

Attorney General Rob Bonta has joined a lawsuit by West Oakland activists to stop the construction of the Eagle Rock Aggregates outdoor gravel and sand facility in the Port of Oakland. The lawsuit, filed in March, seeks an injunction to halt the project until the port completes a more thorough environmental study. The Port of Oakland approved the project in February, allowing Eagle Rock to lease land on the outer harbor. The lawsuit alleges that dust from piles of rocks and sand reaching four stories high could blow into West Oakland neighborhoods, worsening air quality and already high rates of asthma and other illnesses among local residents.

Ball Los Angeles Times – August 9

After months of emissions testing near commercial sterilizers in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued violation notices to the Carson facilities. , Vernon and Ontario for mishandling ethylene oxide, a colorless and odorless carcinogenic gas used to sterilize 50% of the nation’s medical supplies. In response to the EPA’s growing concern about ethylene oxide, Southern California air regulators have increased their oversight of sterilization facilities and are considering changing their rules for sterilizers. New requirements under consideration could include mandates for additional pollution control measures and fence monitoring.

Ball CBS News – August 9

The city of Antioch sits beside the Sacramento River Delta, Northern California’s largest source of fresh water, but faces a water supply crisis due to reduced river flows. freshwater induced drought that allowed seawater in San Francisco Bay to rise. in the system. To increase supply, the city is building the first surface water desalination plant in the Bay Area. The facility, located at the city’s wastewater treatment plant, will use large-scale reverse osmosis technology to generate six million gallons of fresh water a day – about a third of the city’s needs – with room for future expansion.

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