Bureau of Land Management Welcomes Public Comments for Proposed Exploratory Drilling Project

RIDGECREST, Calif .– The Bureau of Land Management is launching an environmental review and seeking public comment on the plan of operations for a proposed exploratory drilling project on public lands near the Conglomerate Mesa in Inyo County.

Mojave Precious Metals, LLC is seeking permission to access and drill up to 30 sites with approximately four drill holes per site. Access to the drilling sites would be achieved through the reconstruction of previously leveled and rehabilitated roads and by land travel. The construction of drilling platforms and exploration sumps would fall within the footprint of the road construction; the estimated surface disturbance is 12.2 acres. The area includes part of an Area of ​​Critical Environmental Concern and National Conservation Lands.

The environmental review analyzes the potential impacts of the proposed exploratory drilling project and assesses compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and other regulatory and licensing requirements. The review will also compile available data for the project area, assess the technical accuracy of the data and modeling, and perform independent impact analyzes.

The public is invited to comment on issues, planning criteria, concerns, potential impacts, alternatives, relevant data and mitigation measures that should be considered in the analysis. The plan of operations and a presentation of the scope are available via ePlanning at https://go.usa.gov/xFkVv.

The deadline for submitting public comments is Monday, August 30. Substantial written comments will be used to develop the appropriate level of NEPA documentation, which will provide additional opportunities for public comment.

For more information, please contact Randy Porter at the Ridgecrest Field Office at [email protected]