Bureau of Land Management Seeks Nominations for Northern New Mexico Resource Advisory Board

BLM News:

FARMINGTON – The Bureau of Land Management announces that it is seeking public nominations for four positions on its Northern New Mexico Resource Advisory Council (RAC), which advises the BLM on public land matters in the district de Farmington and the Rio Puerco field office.

As announced in the Federal Register, the BLM will consider applications until November 13, 2020.

The Northern New Mexico RAC, made up of citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource matters, helps the BLM successfully manage more than 3 million acres of public land.

The RAC consists of 12 members with an interest or expertise in the management of public lands, including individuals such as environmentalists, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, state and local government officials, tribal officials and academics.

The diversity of RAC members helps ensure that BLM land managers get the different perspectives they need to accomplish their mission, which is to manage public lands for multiple uses.

“BLM Resource Advisory Boards are an important forum for community conversation which is a key part of public land management,” said BLM Farmington District Manager Al Elser. “By ensuring that RAC’s representation reflects a variety of perspectives, RAC members provide a valuable service to the Office by exploring issues and proposing solutions on a wide variety of land and resource use issues.

Individuals can nominate themselves or others to serve on an advisory board. Applicants, who must be residents of the state of New Mexico, will be selected based on their training, education, and knowledge of the RAC geographic area.

Applicants must also demonstrate a commitment to consensus building and collaborative decision making. All applications must be accompanied by letters of reference from any interest or organization represented, a completed RAC application, and any other information regarding the applicant’s qualifications.

On the Northern New Mexico RAC, there is currently one vacant for a 3-year term in category one, two vacant for 3-year term in category two, and one vacant for a 3-year term in category two. years in category three.

The categories represent the following interests:

  • Category 1 – Public land ranchers and representatives of organizations associated with energy and mining development, the timber industry, transportation or rights of way, the use of off-road vehicles, and commercial recreation.
  • Category Two – Representatives of nationally or regionally recognized environmental organizations, archaeological and historical organizations, scattered leisure activities, and wild horse and burros organizations.
  • Category Three – Representatives of the state, county or local elected office; representatives and employees of a public body responsible for the management of natural resources; representatives of Indian tribes in or near the area for which the RAC is organized; representatives and employees of academic institutions involved in the natural sciences; and the general public.

To receive an application, contact Northern New Mexico RAC Coordinator Jillian Aragon at (505) .564.7722 or by email at [email protected], or download the application on https://www.blm.gov/get-involved/resource-advisory-council/apply.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 13, 2020.

Individuals can submit their signed application and letter of recommendation by email to the above email address or by mail to the Bureau of Land Management, Farmington Field Office, Attention: RAC Coordinator Jillian Aragon, 6251 College Blvd., Suite A , Farmington, NM 87402.